As you can see on our cover picture we have a new sponsor.

First of all, we thank you

quite cordially

with the team of

👍 aaa-shocks 👍

And now really without here such a stupid advertising shelling,

I myself have been playing PlayStation for years, I am active in the Esl, Desbl and EFSL and have participated in tournaments ... I've been playing COD for years and now I'm dedicated to  ... and there's nothing fancier than that Things here !!!

I've never been bad, have always played successfully, but these shocks give you one more point!

Especially for players who can not play well, or for players who want to be even more successful, are the



Especially the snipers and rushers among you will LOVE them !!! Just try it.

Regulate your controller sensitivity higher and you'll see how fast you are.

Your clan

"EREBOS Gaming"

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